SMM Pro- Advanced Social Media Marketing CMS Multi Domain Use

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SMM Pro- Advanced Social Media Marketing CMS

SMM Pro is a complete solution for an Social Media Marketing Platform. Users can use this system to get all the social media marketing opportunities. Anyone can register for these marketing services, and This System includes almost everything you need to make an online social media marketing platform, you can use this system as an API also. API system in this script is straightforward to use and you will have full source code without any kind of encryption. So, you can modify or extend it according to your needs.

SMM Pro comes with different kinds of Social media marketing features, also it comes with mass order, standard deposit system, balance transfer, support multiple languages, multiple currencies, Two Factor authentication and advanced referrals system. Also, the User will appropriately get all the transaction details. Everything is dynamic and can be set up from the admin panel. It has a strong SQL injection protection system that will keep this system from hackers.


This script is perfectly created with lots of known online payment gateways to make the payment easier, flexible, and comfortable. SMM Pro is easily installable and you can manage this script more easily with user-friendly features and an interactive interface with a fully responsive design. Its designed for everyone, whether is the user technical or non-technical. Anyone can interact with the interface easily and comfortably.

The SMM Pro will make you Successful for sure in the Social Media marketing business arena as well as it will save your Marketing cost also for this one you dont need any Coding Skills. SMM Pro may assist you to handle unlimited users, payments, accept a good number of payment gateways, Supports Multiple Languages, and Multiple Currencies. You can easily manage which currency will be accepted or not, Also you can set the system base currency.

If you are looking for the Best Online Social Media Marketing script which will grow your business to the next level then SMM Pro will be the right choice for you. It takes only a few minutes to set up your website with our system. So, Lets Start Your own Social Media Marketing platform with SMM Pro

Admin Panel:
Standard Dashboard Statistics
Showing Total user and total provider number
Its return total services number and total orders number
Total Currency number and total role number also showing
Display total staff number and default currency name
Showing all the order statistics in the dashboard
Showing all the deposit statistics in the dashboard
Get all the registered users list with the details from the dashboard
Get all the transaction report
User management with all the necessary information
Able to create a new currency
Currency API Key management
Smart Country details management
Category Management
Provider Information Management
Able to create new providers
Balance transfer settings management
Referral information management
API Actions management
Standard orders management
Manages cron job
Service category management
Get all the services list
Able to create new services
Advanced sorting and searching criteria
Standard service import system
Advanced Role Management
Staff Management
Able to create a new payment gateway
Get all the deposit data
Website and site information settings
Logo and favicon management
Cookie content information management
All the pages settings management
Advanced Menu builder setting
Site contents setting
Blog category management
Blog post management
Advanced SEO settings
Email Templates Management
Opportunity to Configure the Email
Group email sending feature
Standard SMS Settings
SMS Gateway management
SMS template management
Advanced website and admin language
Support ticket management
Advanced system update feature
Clear Cache Features
Password Changing and Recovery System
Able to Edit Own Profile
And much more..
User Panel
Smart Dashboard Statistics
User Registration System
Total Balance and Total Balance Transfer amount showing
Total Deposit amount and Total Referral number return
Total, Completed, Processing and Progress order number showing
Pending, Partial, Canceled and Refunded order number showing
Auto-Generated Referral URL showing in the dashboard
All the Recent orders showing on the dashboard
Able to make a new orders from the orders menu
Get mass order opportunity
Get all the order history with details information
All the Services list showing
Standard Deposit System with a number of Payment methods
Get all the deposit history list
Standard money transferring system
Get all the transfer history list
The system returns all the transactions list with details
Get API documentation
Get all the referrals users and bonus amount
Advanced two-factor authentication settings
Able to create a new support ticket
Get All the support ticket list
Account Settings with Account Status
Contact Information Update Opportunity
Password Changing and Recovery System
And much more..
Other Dynamic Features
Standard Contact Section
Blog Sharing Opportunity
Allowed to Make comments on Blog
Social Connection Opportunity
Common FAQ Answers
Dynamic About Section


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